White tomato filling 10 PCS fresh seeds, Solanum lycopersicum

Oreshka seeds
White tomato filling (lat. Solanum lycopersicum)

An early-maturing variety. The crop is intended for growing in various climatic zones in the open ground and under a protective film.
The plant is determinant, the bush is medium-sized with good foliage, does not form a stem. The height in the open ground reaches 45-50 cm, in the protected – about 70 cm. It can be grown without a garter, but often fruit brushes need support because of the overall weight of the fruits.
The leaves are green, slightly corrugated, there are large and medium-sized. Inflorescences are simple and of an intermediate type.
The bush is easy to grow, does not require pasing, the yield of commercial fruits is high-85-95%. Previously, the variety was used for growing in collective farms, then more promising varieties were used for commercial purposes.
The White filling variety is well reproduced by its own seeds.
White tomatoes are formed in brushes of 3-6 fruits. Tomatoes are smooth, smooth, rounded, some specimens may have a slight ribbing. The sizes are from medium to large, the weight is from 80 to 130 g. They are well attached to the stalk even during the period of full maturation. Dense, do not crack. The bush ripens unevenly, at one time there are colored and blanched tomatoes.

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