Physalis vegetable Confectioner 20 PCS fresh seeds, Physalis Ixocarpa Konditer

Oreshka seeds
Physalis vegetable 'Confectioner' (Physalis Ixocarpa 'Konditer')
It is recommended for growing in the open ground. The variety is valued for its resistance to short-term frosts.
'Confectioner' is represented by non-stemmed, determinant, semi-spreading plants, 60-80 cm high. Leafiness and branching are moderate.
The leaf is light green, elongated-ovate, glossy, smooth, slightly corrugated, without stipules. The flowers are solitary, measuring 10x18 mm. Pedicel without articulation.
The fruit is flat-rounded in shape. The color is light green in technical ripeness, yellow in biological ripeness. The skin is covered with a slightly sticky substance. The base of the fruit is smooth, the top is smooth. The nest is weakly expressed. The number of sockets is 4-5. The weight of one fruit is 28-41 g.
The fruits have good taste qualities.
Physalis vegetable 'Confectioner' refers to the medium-early varieties. The period from full shoots to
The crop is characterized by good lezhkostoyanostyu. The fruits are stored for 2-3 months without loss of quality.
The variety is resistant to bacterial rot.
Fruits contain pectin substances, which allows them to be used for making jam, jam, marmalade, candied fruits, as well as for salting, pickling, seasoning, and salad.
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