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Pumpkin Decorative Crown
Decorative pumpkin-crown, or star-shaped pumpkin - This variety of decorative pumpkin has amazing small fruits of a star-shaped, umbrella-shaped, crown-shaped shape. As a rule, producers offer a mixture of yellow, orange, green, striped and mixed fruits. This variety of decorative pumpkin – curly, grows up to 3-4 meters in height and serves as an excellent decoration of gazebos, arches, walls of the house. This is a heat-loving and light-loving plant that can be planted in April-May, in June the pumpkin blooms with large single flowers, in July the fruits begin to ripen. The star pumpkin is ready to be harvested in October. In diameter, the fruits do not exceed 15 cm. After drying, the fruits are stored for a long time, they can be used for all kinds of crafts. You can eat decorative pumpkin-crown, but its taste is very specific.

Pumpkin: Pumpkin

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