Hot pepper CGN 21500 5 PCS fresh seeds, Chilli pepper seeds, Spicy pepper, Capsicum Annuum, Organic seeds, Non GMO

Oreshka seeds
Hot pepper CGN 21500

A variety of hot pepper from Brazil. Somewhat similar to Cheiro Rox, but differ in smaller growth and the shape of the pods, which are more similar to cherries. The branches are black, the leaves are purple-green. The pods are purple in technical maturity, then turn purple-pink. The vegetation period is 180-200 days. The height of the plant is 40-50 cm. Suitable for growing in a greenhouse or at home in a pot of 3 liters or more. The sharpness is high, up to 300 thousand Scovilles. The aroma of tropical fruits.

Pepper: Pepper

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