Hot pepper CGN 21500 5 PCS fresh seeds, Chilli pepper seeds, Spicy pepper, Capsicum Annuum, Organic seeds, Non GMO

Oreshka seeds
Hot pepper CGN 21500 (Capsicum Chinense)

A variety of hot pepper from Brazil. The growing season is 180–200 days. Plant height is 40–50 cm. Suitable for growing in a greenhouse or at home in a pot of 3 liters or more. The branches are black, the leaves are purple-green.

The fruits are small. The pods are purple at technical maturity, then turn purple-pink. Very sweet and juicy, with a fruity and delicate taste.

According to the Scoville scale, the degree of heat is up to 300 thousand units.

Good for making sauces.

Pepper: Pepper

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