Cucumber Paris gherkin 20+ PCS fresh seeds, Cucumis sativus parijskii kornishon

Cucumber Paris gherkin (Cucumis sativus parijskii kornishon)

The high-yielding variety "Paris gherkin" refers to bee-pollinated, medium-ripe cucumbers that are intended for use in fresh or canned form. The bushes are strong-growing, and the cucumber whips are not too long. The variety is suitable for growing on beds in the open ground.
The fruits have a cylindrical or fusiform shape, a large-lobed surface with black pubescence. The length of the fruit varies between 10 and 12 cm. The flesh of ripe fruits is without bitterness, juicy, without voids, crisp, moderately dense. The average weight of the fruit is 85 g or more. The yield of marketable products reaches 84 %.
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