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Tomato Canada (Canadian Heritage)

The tomato is a 2-meter bush. It is mainly grown in open-type soil, but there are also greenhouse examples. The fruits are amazing with a combination of red, yellow and orange paint intermediate between them.

In a state of full ripeness, tomatoes become redder, the pulp acquires a jelly-like structure and characteristic fruity notes of taste. In good conditions and with the right agricultural technology , you can grow tomatoes weighing up to 700-800 g. On average, they are also not small — 150-300 g.

The ripening period of Canada varies between 110-120 days.

Not the best keeping quality. The not very dense pulp does not allow tomatoes to be stored for a long time and transported over long distances.

The bush requires correct formation, regular removal of stepsons. Without a garter, the tomato will also not be able to bear fruit normally.

Tomato: Tomato

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