Tomato solaris 10 PCS fresh seeds

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Tomato solaris
It belongs to the middle-early varieties of tomato of universal purpose. The crop ripens in 107-115 days after the emergence of seedlings. It is bred for growing in the open ground, under a film shelter, in greenhouses. The bush of the determinant type. Its height is not more than 70 centimeters. Bushiness and leafiness are average. The first inflorescence is formed over the 5th or 6th leaf, 5-7 fruits are formed in the brush. Tomatoes are bright, red, slightly flattened, almost no ribbing. The average weight is 120-170 grams.
It is necessary to note the good yield of the crop. This quality is a big plus, since the yield of the variety is high and some of the fruits are processed. From one square meter, you can collect 6-8. 5 kg of almost one-size fruits.

Tomato: Tomato

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