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Pepper Tsitsak medium hot red (Lat. Piper)

Tsitsak is a hybrid variety of Bulgarian pepper of folk selection. The variety belongs to the acute species.
The bush has an average growth force, it reaches a height of 60-80 cm and has green, oblong, elongated leaves. The main stem is quite strong, the foliage is medium. The fruits are formed in the form of an elongated cone with a length of 13 cm .
In appearance, the fruits of Tsitsak resemble chili peppers. The described variety is characterized by a cone-shaped shape, the fruit has fleshy walls and pulp. Fruit weight ranges from 30 to 50 g . In length , the pepper reaches 15-20 cm .
The taste of the fruit is sharp, moderately sweet, the level of sharpness is 1500-3500 SHU. Lovers of savory dishes are happy to add fresh vegetables to salads and hot dishes, and connoisseurs of a calmer taste preserve Tsitsak pepper. This variety tolerates freezing well.

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