Decorative cabbage Mother of Pearl 30 PCS fresh seeds, Brassica

Oreshka seeds
Decorative cabbage Mother of Pearl (lat. Brassica)

The height of the bushes is within 20-30 cm; the diameter of the rosette reaches 40 cm; lush heads resembling roses, peonies; leaves with pronounced corrugation (this creates a significant volume); the color of the peripheral leaves is green with silvery iridescences; the core is bright, coloring from lilac-purple to purple shades.
Mother-of-pearl cabbage has a decorative purpose, it can be used in salads. In the future, forks are used for animal feed. Productivity from 1 m2 is in the range of 2-3 kg.
Seeds for seedlings are sown from the 2nd decade of April. For 6-8 days, the pots are covered with a film, the temperature is maintained at 15-20 degrees. The dive is carried out in the cotyledon phase.
When the threat of frost passes, they start planting and caring in the open ground. Balls are formed from bushes, rabatki, planted in a row along paths and terraces.

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