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Peewee tomato
According to the maturation period, the Chibis tomato belongs to the medium-early ones — the first fruits can be tasted after 90 days. In an unfavorable summer, this period can last up to 110 days. The shrub of the plant is shtambovy, compact with a strong stem. It grows no higher than 80 cm. The brush of the Chibis tomato is simple, it can contain from 5 to 10 tomatoes. The first brush is laid under the 6-7 sheet, the rest-go through 1-2 sheets.
Tomatoes of the Chibis variety are not large – the average weight is from 50 to 70 g.
The skin and flesh are dense with a high content of dry substances-up to 5.9%, its color is bright, red.
The taste is pleasant, the high sugar content makes it sweet.
The aroma is like that of a real ground tomato-rich tomato.
The shape of the fruit of the Peewee tomato is slightly elongated with a barely noticeable nose and small ribs. Usually this form of tomatoes is called finger.
Seed chambers no more than 3, the Peewee tomato is very fleshy.
Thanks to the dense skin, these tomatoes are well stored and transported over long distances without spoiling the product.
The yield of producers is different, according to the reviews of amateur gardeners who planted a variety of tomato Lapwing, with good care, it is quite possible to get up to 2 kg from one bush.

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