Sunberry 10 PCS fresh seeds

Oreshka seeds
Sunberry-sunberry belongs to the Solanaceae family and is a hybrid derived from the black California nightshade.
The unpretentiousness of sunberry allows you to grow it in any region of our country. Although the plant has been bred for a long time, but it has not been widely distributed. Only now did they appreciate the healing properties of sunberry and began to grow this garden nightshade on their plots.
Sunberry is an annual plant that reaches a height of more than 1 m. The external structure resembles a tomato bush, but more branched. The fruits of the garden nightshade are black in color, more than 2 cm in diameter, which are collected in clusters of 10 berries. The yield from one bush is within 10 kg, so you can achieve good results in a small area. And the plant is resistant to various weather conditions and can withstand both drought and a significant drop in temperature.
Fresh berries have a peculiar tart taste, so it is better to make jam or dry them for tea. During the entire season, the plant blooms and constantly bears fruit, so the berry collection should be carried out regularly, but you can only cut off the black ripe fruits.
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