Tabby eggplant Diamond 15 fresh seeds. Solanum melongena seeds

Oreshka seeds
Eggplant Diamond

Mid-season variety, intended for cultivation in open ground. From full germination to harvest, 110 - 150 days pass (depending on the growing region).

The bush is compact, no more than 60 cm high. It is distinguished by friendly and early branching, due to which a higher and earlier harvest is formed.

The fruits are quite thin, cylindrical in shape. The diameter of a fully ripe eggplant reaches 3-6 cm, length - 14-17 cm. The skin is thin, glossy, purple-black. Fruit weight - 100-160 g.

The pulp is very dense, greenish-white with a beige undertone, genetically without bitterness. The taste is wonderful. The seeds are small, there are very few of them. The density of the pulp and skin determines the good keeping quality and transportability of the fruit.

Suitable for home canning, any main courses, salads and snacks. They are also good as an independent side dish or as an integral part of any meat dish. Grilled eggplants are very tasty.
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