Eggplant decorative Golden Egg 20 PCS fresh seeds, Solanum melongena Golden eggs

Oreshka seeds
Eggplant decorative Golden Egg (Solanum melongena Golden eggs)

With bright yellow fruits on a background of dark green foliage. The height of the plant is up to 50 cm.
The fruits in the stage of technical ripeness are white, resemble a goose egg in shape and size. When ripe, the fruits become bright yellow in color. Unripe fruits are used for food like ordinary eggplants.
For good development, you need a nutritious clay-turf soil with humus and a sunny window or balcony.
In summer, abundant watering and spraying, fertilizing with mineral fertilizers. In winter, t = 10-12C, very moderate watering. A bright place.
Flowering: long-lasting, 6-8 months after sowing.
Varieties of decorative eggplant are not only edible, but also have excellent taste qualities. They are fried, stewed, eaten raw, and taken as the basis of salads.
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