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Hot pepper Mutton horn (lat. Capsicum annuum)

Bitter pepper Mutton horn is suitable for growing in a greenhouse and outdoors. However, most gardeners plant bushes on the beds, as pepper ripens well at any temperatures.

The bush grows as a tree, with an average height of 60 cm, but under favorable conditions it can reach up to 1 meter. Each pepper is curved into a spiral or arc in shape. The fruits are long (20-30 cm), not fleshy, cylindrical, curved. The weight of one pod is 25-35 gr. The taste is spicy in moderation, piquant and fragrant.

The variety belongs to the medium-ripened. From sowing to technical maturity (pepper of saturated green color), the period is 100 -105 days. The fruits ripen evenly. But already green are ready for use. The color changes from green to yellow, then turns red. The fully ripe fruit has a strong skin.

Ideal for open ground. Its advantage is that thanks to small, lightweight pods, it always ripens completely: both the lower tiers and the upper ones.

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