Turnip osterzundom 50 fresh seeds. Brassica rapa subsp. rapa. Purple white turnip seeds

Oreshka seeds
Turnips (forage turnip) - a delicious pet food, has valuable nutritional properties, contains vitamins and useful trace elements. Use root vegetables and fresh, dried, and also in the form of silage tops. The root crop is long, cone-shaped. The skin color is white, purple with green in the upper part. The plant is cold-resistant and grows well on loamy and sod-podzolic sandy loam soils. The highest yields are obtained in cool, rainy summers. For summer use, sow early in spring, for winter storage-in early July, then the plants are thinned in rows, leaving 18-20 cm between them. The yield of root crops is 4-5 kg / m2. They are stored in vaults, burts, and trenches. The optimal soil temperature for seed germination is 18-20°C.
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