Hot Pepper Jalapeno Farmers Market 5 PCS fresh seeds, Spicy pepper seeds, pepper veg, Organic seeds, Non GMO

Oreshka seeds
Hot pepper Jalapeno Farmers Market (c.annuum).

A unique variety of jalapeno, which is not at all like the other varieties. Plants are up to 70 cm tall and have a very strong drooping.

The flowers are white, large with a small terry. Pods, starting from technical maturity, are covered with a dense grid of cracks that cover almost the entire surface of the pod. Because of this, it is also called potato jalapeno.

The sharpness is low up to 2500 scovilles. The aroma and taste of a green apple. The growing season to technical maturity is 110-120 days, provided that it is grown in a greenhouse.

Pepper: Pepper

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