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Hot pepper Jalapeno Farmers Market potato (c.annuum).

A unique variety of jalapeño that is completely different from other varieties. Plants are up to 70 cm high and have very strong pubescence. The flowers are white, large and slightly terry. Productive, with long fruit ripening. The growing season to technical maturity is 110–120 days, provided that it is grown in a greenhouse.

Pods, starting from technical maturity, are covered with a dense network of cracks that cover almost the entire surface of the pod. Because of this, it is also called potato jalapeño. The length of the fruit is about 10-11 cm, weight is about 40 g (with the stalk). Green apple aroma and taste. It has a very sweet taste, almost not spicy.

According to the Scoville scale, the degree of heat is up to 2,500 units.

Good for grilling and Texas toothpicks.

Pepper: Pepper

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