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Cucumis melo

A popular medium-ripened variety (77-95 days), intended for growing in open and protected ground. The plant is medium-sized, long-spined. Medium-sized smooth fruits are spherical in shape with a crust of medium thickness, yellow-orange mass of 0.7-1.3 kg. The flesh is white, very sweet and fragrant, dense, semi-crunchy and fibrous. Seed nest of medium size. The variety has an excellent taste. It is transportable, relatively resistant to low temperatures and bacteriosis.

Growing from SEED: in may, when the soil is warmed up to 15-16°C, in the ground, to a depth of 8-10cm. Before sowing, the seeds are treated with a solution of potassium permanganate, and washed in clean water. Sowing is carried out in light air - and water-permeable soils, according to the scheme of 140*50cm, or in greenhouses according to the scheme of 70x40cm, using trellises. When growing through seedlings, planting in the ground is carried out after passing frost in the phase of 3-4 real leaves.

CARE: as it grows, the plant is formed into a single stem, by removing the side shoots, leaving 2-3 ovaries. Watering is moderate, loosening is recommended, fertilizing with complex mineral fertilizers, powdering lashes to protect from the wind.

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