Radish Ladushka 50 PCS fresh seeds, Raphanus Sativus Ladushka

Oreshka seeds
Radish 'Ladushka' (Raphanus Sativus 'Ladushka')
It is recommended for gardening plots, homesteads and small farms.
The rosette of the representatives of the variety 'Ladushka' is semi-raised. The leaf is gray-green in color, medium-sized, with a dissected plate, relatively pubescent. The petiole is medium-sized, light green, with anthocyanin color.
The roots are flattened, conical in shape, long, red in color, with a sharp tip. The flesh is white, very juicy and tender. The weight of the root crop is 120-150 g.
The taste of radish is good.
Radish 'Ladushka' refers to the varieties of early maturation (early maturing). The commercial yield is stable and amounts to 1.9-2.2 kg / m2.
The crop is characterized by good keeping capacity.
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