Decorative cabbage Cadet 30 PCS fresh seeds, Brassica

Oreshka seeds
Decorative cabbage Cadet (lat. Brassica)

It forms bushes that look like a lush green cap (it does not grow real heads). Maturation begins at a late date.
From the moment of germination to the cleaning of the sockets, it takes 90 days. Cultivation is carried out in a seedling way. Late maturity; height of bushes 1 m; moderate spreading; average weight of 0.7-0.9 kg, large bushes of 1-1. 5 kg; coloring is rich green; leaf shape.
The crop can be removed with whole rosettes or cut off the lower leaves. Cleaning lasts until late autumn. Fresh juicy greens are consumed fresh, added to burgers, sandwiches, as snacks to side dishes.
Cold resistance and frost resistance (frost tolerance up to -15 degrees);
Seeds for seedlings are sown from April to May. Direct sowing in the beds is allowed from the beginning of June. Maturation occurs from July to early December.
The beds are fertilized in advance, planted with 6 bushes per 1 m (a distance of 50 by 50 cm). The plots are located in a sunny place.

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