Brassica rapa subsp. pekinensis Satimex 30+ fresh seeds. Garnet Satimex seeds

Oreshka seeds
The valuable characteristics of the variety include stable yield, resistance to adverse growing conditions.

Recommended precursors for Peking cabbage are: legumes, tomatoes, cucumbers, and onions.

Sowing is carried out at the end of may in an ordinary way, observing the distance between plants of 10-20 cm.
Peking cabbage can also be grown using seedlings, having previously grown it to 25-30 days of age.

Maturation period: 70-80 days
Fruit shape: cylindrical
Head weight: 1500-2000 grams

Further care of plants consists in watering, hilling, weeding and loosening.
During the growing season, 2 top-UPS are carried out - the first 10 days after planting the seedlings, the second 10 days after the first.
For prevention against aphids, snails and slugs, it is recommended to dust the plants and soil with wood ash at the rate of 1 Cup per 1 sq. m.
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