June white cabbage 30+ fresh seeds. Brassica oleracea var. capitata from Russian village

Oreshka seeds
June-an old, time-tested variety of white Cabbage (Brassica oleracea var. capitata) of early maturation. Bred in 1967 by employees of the all-Russian research Institute of selection and seed production of vegetable crops (p. VNIISSOK). Obtained by crossing the varieties Ditmarskaya rannaya 2399 and Number one Gribovsky 147. Added to the state register of plants of the Russian Federation in 1971. Approved for use in all regions of Russia.
The period from germination to harvest is 90-110 days. Seedlings are ready for planting in 30-45 days after emergence, when it has 4-5 real leaves. When planting seedlings in the open ground in early may, cabbage reaches technical ripeness in the third decade of June.
The leaf rosette is raised, quite compact, with a diameter of 40 — 50 cm. The leaves are light green in color, whole, slightly bubbly, small, with a weak waxy coating; the edge of the leaf is slightly wavy. The heads are homogeneous, tender, juicy, weighing 1.2 — 2.5 kg (maximum-5 kg), have a rounded or flat-rounded shape; the outer color is rich light green, white — yellow on the section; the density of the head is average (estimated at 4 points). Internal poker of medium length. The yield of commodity heads is 360-640 C / ha, or 3-7 kg / sq.m. The output of commercial products is high-97%.

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