Hot pepper mini mini from Brazil 5 PCS fresh seeds

Oreshka seeds
Hot pepper mini mini from Brazil (Capsicum Baccatum)
This is a variety of pepper from the wild. The plant is tall, grows up to 2, 5 meters per season, with a strong lateral branching. The leaves are large, dark green. The number of flowers per node is 2, rarely one. The pods are small, averaging 1 cm in length. The vegetation period to biological maturity is 200-220 days. Fruiting is plentiful, continuous. Designed for growing in greenhouses and hotbeds. The sharpness is high, more than 100,000 SHU, the taste and aroma of fruit and berry, the flesh is very juicy. Ripe pods should be removed immediately, as they quickly fall off the stems (a feature of almost all wild peppers).

Pepper: Pepper

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