Hot pepper Ash shrub 5 PCS fresh seeds

Oreshka seeds
Mountain Ash shrub pepper is a medium-ripened variety for growing in the open ground, under film shelters, on balconies, loggias and in indoor conditions. The maturation period from germination to harvest is 130-135 days, the plant is bushy, compact, 40-60 cm high. The leaf is small, dark green. The fruits are directed upwards, collected in a brush, rounded, smooth, red, weighing 2-3 grams. The taste is sharp with a strong aroma. The value of the variety: high decorativeness, the shape of the fruit arrangement resembles a bunch of mountain ash, the ability to develop and form a crop in low light conditions, a long period of fruiting. It is recommended for the design of design compositions. It is eaten fresh, used for drying, canning, and various culinary refinements.

Pepper: Pepper

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