California Miracle Yellow Pepper 10 PCS fresh seeds

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California Miracle Yellow Pepper
The California miracle yellow pepper is an early-maturing species. Harvests from it begin to be collected in 105-110 days. It takes 120-130 days to reach full biological ripeness. In unprotected beds, maturation approaches the average time. Fruiting continues throughout the summer until the autumn frosts.
On bushes with a height of 50-70 cm, a lot of golden fruits are tied (initially, in the phase of technical ripeness, they have a green color.
Sweet pepper has the following characteristics:
average weight 80-160 g;
pericarp 5-6 mm;
the shape of the aligned cube (the ribbing is weak);
length 11-12 cm;
the flesh is fleshy, sweet, juicy.
Cultivation is carried out in open beds and in greenhouse areas. Pepper is well adapted to different climates, steadily bears fruit in the regions from the south to the north.

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