Hot pepper trepadeira werner 5 PCS fresh seeds

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Hot pepper trepadeira werner (Capsicum baccatum)
A beautiful and productive variety of berry pepper, found in the Amazon forests. In the wild, it has long, thin branches that entwine neighboring plants, which is why it was named "bindweed". When grown in pots, on the contrary, it grows quite compactly and takes on the spherical shape of a bush. During the fruiting period, it is covered with colorful fruits, rounded with a small spout. The fruits change color as they mature. At first they are milky white, then they turn pale pink and, eventually, bright red. Pepper is not only very decorative, but with a rich fruit aroma and taste. The sharpness is average. The variety is unpretentious and hardy, can be grown both in the ground and in pots on the windowsill. Height up to 50 cm. Maturation period: 90-100 days
Sharpness 30000-80000 SHU

Pepper: Pepper

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