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Oreshka seeds
Hot pepper Bishop's crown (Bishop's Crown, Christmas bell)

The plant is late-ripening, tall and very sensitive to increased nitrogen content in the soil (if there is an excess of nitrogen, it grows up to 250 cm and is delayed in flowering and fruiting). It is not uncommon for this pepper to be grown at home on windowsills or balconies, where it can grow for up to 3 years.

The fruits are 5x5 cm long, weighing 30-60 g (can reach 100 g), arranged singly. The color of the fruit can be either red or orange. The taste of the pulp is sweet-sharp with a clear fruity aftertaste: the walls in the area of ​​attachment to the stalk have a pungent taste, and the lower part of the fruit, similar to a small squash, is spicy, sweet and sour. The higher you go to the stalk, the sharper the taste becomes. The uniqueness lies in the combination of bitter and sweet taste at the same time.

According to the Scoville scale, the degree of heat is 10-30 thousand units.

Can be used fresh in salads, salsas and other fresh sauces. Also suitable for canning as a savory addition, and for whole-fruit canning.

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