Hot pepper Bishop's crown 5 PCS fresh seeds, Mad hatter chilli red pepper seeds, Spicy pepper seeds, Capsicum baccatum,Organic seeds,Non GMO

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Hot pepper Bishop's crown fresh seeds, Mad hatter chilli red pepper seeds, Spicy pepper seeds, Organic seeds, Non GMO (lat. Capsicum baccatum).

It belongs to the group of chili peppers of the type Capsicum baccatum or berry pepper. This pepper has a huge number of names: Bishop Hat (Bishop's Hat), Bishop Crown (Bishop's Crown), Christmas Bell, etc.

The plant is tall and very sensitive to the increased nitrogen content in the soil. With an overabundance of nitrogen, it grows up to 2, 5 meters and is late with flowering and fruiting.

Fruits weighing 30-60 grams (can reach 100 g) are arranged singly. The taste of the pulp is sweet and sharp with a clear fruity taste: the walls in the area of attachment to the peduncle have a sharp taste, and the lower part of the fruit, similar to a small patisson, is piquant, sweet and sour. The higher to the stalk, the sharper the taste becomes up to 10,000 - 30,000 scovils. The color of the fetus at the stage of technical maturity is light green, at the stage of biological maturity — red.

The uniqueness of the Bishop's Crown pepper lies in the combination of bitter and sweet taste at the same time.

The vegetation period from germination to biological maturity is from 150 to 200 days. From technical to biological maturity 20-40 days. Not infrequently, this pepper is grown at home on windowsills or balconies, where it can grow up to 3 years.

It can be used fresh in salads, salsa and other fresh sauces. It is also suitable for canning as an acute additive, and for whole-fruit canning.

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